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About Us

Li-Ning products are brought to you by LN Distribution Inc in the United Sales and Canada. We are located in Meaford, Ontario about 200 kms (125 miles) northwest of Toronto. Our state-of-the-art distribution facility is perfectly positioned to service Canada's heavily populated Windsor to Quebec City corridor and is directly on the Buffalo, New York and Detroit, Michigan shipping routes that serve customers throughout the United States. Our digital marketing bandwidth is second to none in the specialty sporting goods category due to our association with our sister company that is a full service internet marketing agency for a number of multi-million dollar consumer brands.

The company was introduced to the Li-Ning in late 2011 and distribution of badminton products began in the fall of 2012. Since then, the company has established numerous badminton pro shops, specialty badminton retailers and direct sales agents that sell Li-Ning badminton products directly to club mates and friends. In addition, over 125 badminton players have entered into exclusive sponsorship contracts to help sell and promote the Li-Ning badminton products. Though a combination of traditional distribution, the Direct Sales Agent program, sponsorships and direct to consumer online sales, the company is now one of the top suppliers of badminton equipment in the USA and Canada.


Moving forward, the company seeks to expand the Li-Ning brand and products by entering into new specialty sporting good categories including table tennism and pickleball. These sports are being targeted due to their similarity to the sport of badminton and the manner in which table tennis and pickleball products are marketed, distributed and sold. The Li-Ning Sports web site was established in the summer of 2017 and is designed to act as the main hub between the companies badminton equipment, table tennis equipment and pickleball equipment eCommerce web sites. The Li-Ning badminton and table tennis and Pickleball eCommerce websites are fully operational. 

The company is always looking for strong Li-Ning brand ambassadors and actively seeks qualified athletes to represent the Li-Ning brand by signing on as a Pro Team Member or National sponsored athlete. If you are a Li-Ning enthusiasts and you think you may qualify for a Li-Ning badminton sponsorship, you are welcome to complete the online sponsorship application that you will find in the top menu of the our website site. A similar sponsorship has been implemented for qualified table tennis and pickleball players. If you would like further information regarding the new sponsorships, please feel free to send us a message by using the email form that can be found under contact us in the main menu. LN Distribution Inc is affilliated with Northern Leisure Products Limited by way of ownership. Both companies share the same distribution warehouse facility in Meaford, Ontario. Although hot tubs are not sporting goods, Li-Ning athletes benefit from the association by way of preferential access and pricing to Northern Hot Tub products along with all of the other benefits that hydrotherapy and hot water bring to a heathly athletic lifestyle.

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