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After becoming the first overall pick in the 2002 NBA draft, Yao Ming, a 7-foot-6, 300-pound center opened the world’s eyes to basketball in China. Ming went on to become a hall of fame player and along the way, Li-Ning grabbed a foothold, literally, in the world’s most watched basketball league.

After a career as an 8-time all-star, Ming entered the basketball hall of fame alongside 4-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal, who in 2006 helped put Li-Ning basketball on the map when he signed a reported $1.25 million deal becoming the highest profile American sports star to sign with a Chinese company.

O’Neal cited former teammate Damon Jones as an influence in signing with Li-Ning. O’Neal and Jones were among the first NBA players to partner with the Li-Ning basketball brand, but it was superstar Dwyane Wade’s $10-million shoe deal in 2012 that elevated Li-Ning basketball toward global legitimacy and acceptance.

Wade’s Way of Wade brand of basketball shoes won the hearts of young hoopsters across the globe and helped him win his third NBA championship. Li-Ning basketball shoes include world-class technology such as carbon fiber outsoles to ensure durability, cushioning for comfort and court functionality and reinforcement to provide zone stability where needed. Genuine leathers on most colorways make the basketball shoes pop alongside ballistic meshes and sublimation graphic collar linings. Translation, they are cool and have “street cred.” Look for a full-line of Li-Ning basketball apparel to complement the already popular line of shoes.

Since 2012, Li-Ning has operated in a strategic partnership with the Chinese Basketball Association to promote the professionalization of Chinese basketball and the professional development of the Li-Ning sports brand. Li-Ning has outfitted the national basketball teams of Spain, Argentina, Finland, India, Malaysia and more are coming in the future.

Other professional basketball players who have worn Li-Ning basketball shoes include Baron Davis, Jose Calderon, Cleanthony Early, Glenn Robinson III, Evan Turner and C.J. McCollum.

If entire counties trust in Li-Ning basketball and the world’s elite basketball players dunk, dish dimes and dominate while wearing Li-Ning basketball shoes – so too can you. Anything is possible when you hit the court in Li-Ning basketball apparel.

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