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When playing pickleball, each player will need a pickleball paddle, which is much smaller than a badminton racket but larger than a table tennis or ping-pong paddle. In the beginning, pickleball paddles were made from wood exclusively. You will find that today’s pickleball paddles have significantly improved and are primarily made of lightweight composite materials, including aluminum and carbon fiber graphite. Players will also need a pickleball net and a pickleball. The pickleball is unique, with holes all over it similar to a whiffle ball.

Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or carbon fiber or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball over a net. The sport shares features of other racquet sports, the dimensions and layout of a badminton court, and a net and rules somewhat similar to tennis, with several modifications. Pickleball was invented in the 1960s as a children's backyard pastime but has become one of most popular growing sports in the United States and Canada among all ages.

In addition to a pickleball paddle and pickleballs, the sports requires comfortable pickleball shoes and clothing that perform well to help athletes play well. A pickleball bag is handy to carry all of your pickleball equipment. Li-Ning offers a selection of quality pickleball products such as pickleball shoes, pickleball clothes, pickleball bags, pickleball supplies and accessories. Due to the constant stopping and starting and side-to-side movements of pickleball play, wearing a supportive yet flexible pickleball shoe will prevent injuries and help you gain traction. Li-Ning pickleball shoes are also comfortable, lightweight and add enjoyment to your pickleball play.

Whether you are playing indoors or out, our pickleball equipment, supplies and accessories are a high quality solution that are brought to you by a global sporting goods brand manufacturer that has been producing associated racket sport and paddle sport products for many years. We know pickleball is on the rise in the USA and Canada and many other parts of the world and we are here to provide enthusiasts and professionals an all-inclusive selection of pickleball equipment and products to help you feel better and play better while enjoying what is said to be one of the fastest growing sports today.  

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