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Two New High-Quality Badminton Set Options

For those that love badminton, they should know there are two distinct versions of the sport being the Olympic version or the casual beach or backyard version. Customers that are looking to play badminton at the beach, in their backyard or even at the park will be impressed with the new high-quality Li-Ning badminton sets that are now available online through the companies’ website or via the convenience of Amazon Canada or USA.

Li-Ning badminton sets include quality carbon fibre badminton rackets, X800 nylon shuttlecocks and a regulation sized badminton net. No matter what badminton set you choose, a pair of 8' "T" stakes are best for securing the net at the 5' mark buy hammering them 3' into the ground. With the net tightly fastened to the stakes, your badminton set will always be for you and you family and friends to enjoy.

The Li-Ning Leisure badminton set option can be purchased as a 2-racket badminton set or a 4-racket badminton set. Either way, the set comes with 100% carbon fibre Turbo Force 1000 badminton rackets. The rackets are finished in an attractive green and blue paint and are nice and light to make outdoor badminton play fun and enjoyable. The Leisure badminton sets do not come with covers for the rackets but if you have a standard gym or racket bag they will easily fit along with the net and the birdies.

The Li-Ning Premium badminton set options also include 2 racket badminton set and 4 racket badminton set packages. In the box you will find A700 carbon badminton rackets, covers for each of the rackets, six X800 nylon badminton birdies and a quality regulation size badminton net. The badminton rackets are a step up from the rackets in the Leisure badminton sets in the way of overall strength and hitting feel. The rackets in all the badminton sets include factory strings with a tension of about 24 lbs.

No matter what Li-Ning badminton set you are considering, you can rest assured that you are receiving authentic Li-Ning quality in a convenient package at a fair price. The easiest and most direct way to purchase one of our outstanding badminton sets is to head on over to our USA and Canada badminton website and place your order directly from the company. Your badminton set will be professionally shipped by UPS with delivery to most continental destinations in the USA and Canada within 2 to 5 business days. If you would like to receive more information about our badminton sets, please feel free to drop us a line by emailing or call us toll free at 855-654-6464 and select option 1 for badminton set sales.


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