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Choosing the Right Badminton Shoes

A high quality pair of badminton shoes can help you to improve your game and avoid injuries. It is important for your badminton shoes to be lightweight, have excellent traction, provide cushioning for comfort, support your feet well and allow your feet to breathe. The best badminton shoe for you depends on your foot, your level of badminton play and the type of court surface that you play on. Excellent badminton shoes can last 3 to 6 month and maybe longer dependent upon how well and how often you play.

A stable sole especially in the heel area can reduce the risk of injury. The heel should help lock your foot into the badminton shoe and anchor it to the mid-sole. Press on the heel inside the badminton shoe with your thumb to see if the heel is firm. If you can flatten the heel, then it does not offer enough support. Also, look for a shoe that offers good lateral support because badminton play requires constant stopping and starting and numerous directional changes.

Superb traction is also extremely important however, the right badminton shoe for you will depend on what type of court you play on, such as PVC court mats, sprung wood, rubber or even cement. Gum rubber badminton shoe soles provide the best traction and grip on wood surfaces. Shoes that prevent slipping are very important because this helps prevent injuries and gets you to the shuttlecock faster. Many players wear their badminton shoes only on the court to avoid dirt build-up. Some even swipe the soles of their shoes with a damp cloth during and prior to play.

You need shock absorption in both the heel and the sole. Good shock absorption will help reduce fatigue and thus improve your badminton play. While shock absorption is important, you also need flexibility at the front of the shoe so make sure you don’t sacrifice this feature when gaining the cushioning you require. Consider choosing badminton shoes that are lightweight, fit the shape of your foot and have a relatively thin sole. Running or other non-badminton specific shoes are too high from the ground so wearing them may to lead to a sprained or twisted ankle. If you have questions or need help choosing your badminton shoes we can be reached by calling 855-654-6464 Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm EST.

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