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Li-Ning badminton equipment is one of the most popular badminton brands in the world and is growing in popularity among badminton enthusiasts in throughout the world including the USA and Canada. First and foremost an avid badminton player always appreciates high quality badminton rackets and this is one of many areas where Li-Ning shines. Li-Ning badminton rackets are some of the best rackets in the business and many high profile badminton athletes including Chen Long and Fu Haifeng use Li-Ning badminton equipment with the badminton racket being the flagship product of the category. 

In addition to badminton rackets, Li-Ning produces other badminton equipment such as badminton shoes, shuttlecocks, badminton clothing, badminton bags, badminton strings and more. All of our badminton equipment is designed with the badminton player in mind including players that are just starting to learn how to play the game to the serious state, provincial competitor all the way to international and Olympic champion. Li-Ning possess significant research and development capabilities and strives to provide cutting edge, innovative badminton equipment no matter what your skill level.


Li-Ning understands that beyond an amazing badminton racket, a player needs excellent badminton shoes as this is where the "rubber meets the road" to speak. Wearing the right badminton shoes is very important to prevent injuries, provide proper support and traction and to make playing badminton as enjoyable as possible. Li-Ning produces many badminton shoe models in a wide range of prices to meet almost any budget. Our badminton shoe models and colors change frequently so if you see something that you like it is always best to purchase it right away otherwise it may not be available for purchase again.


You can easily find Li-Ning badminton equipment by clicking the shop online or find a dealer button above where you will be presented with a wide range of options to suit your budget and style. And don't forget about Li-Ning shuttlecocks because they are world class and are used by tournament organizers world wide. We offer you over 12 shuttlecock models that are made from either goose feathers, duck feathers or nylon (plastic) construction. Most players in the USA and Canada use our 77 speed shuttlecocks but some that are located in higher altitudes like Calgary, Alberta or Denver, Colorado prefer a 76 speed model because they fly a little slower for the higher altitude.     

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