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Table Tennis Equipment

Table Tennis Equipment includes ping pong tables, ping pong paddles, table tennis shoes, ping pong balls, table tennis nets, and more. Also called "ping pong equipment" table tennis equipment comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. Choosing the correct table tennis equipment to fit your skill level and play style will help you improve you score and game. Experienced table tennis players know that there are standards and ratings for table tennis equipment and this information takes much of the guesswork out of determining the characteristics of a particular paddle of blade (the main body of the paddle) and rubber which is the playing surface.

Table Tennis officially became an Olympic sport in 1988 with several event categories such as men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles. The introduction of Table Tennis to the Olympics has resulted in the sport gaining attention around the world and is the most popular in Asia but has gained considerable popularity in western countries such as Germany, United States and Canada. The sport is governed by the International Table Tennis Federation which includes 226 member associations.

Fundamental table tennis equipment includes the ping pong table, ping pong paddle and pig pong ball. Professional table tennis enthusiasts also benefit from professional table tennis shoes and table tennis clothing but the casual player typically will compete in more casual sporting goods or active wear. No matter what your play level or commitment to the sport, Li-Ning has an outstanding selection of table tennis shoes, clothing, table tennis bags and table tennis accessories to make the game fun and enjoyable.

Li-Ning Table Tennis makes it easy to find table tennis products by maintaining a professional table tennis website where you can find a local dealer or purchase table tennis equipment directly online. Keep in mind that playing with the right ping pong table, shoes and using a professional ping pong paddle or custom table tennis blade and rubber can improve your game and ads to the enjoyment of play. Table tennis is also China’s national sport so it only makes sense that China’s national brand, Li-Ning sponsors many China National Team players by providing cutting edge shoes, clothes, bags and a wide range of product and other means of support to assist the athletes and the team as a whole.    

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