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Li-Ning GOLD Sponsorship Opportunity!

We believe that we offer one of the best badminton sponsorship programs in the USA & Canada but in order to qualify for our GOLD badminton sponsorship and others you must first convince us that our marketing investment in you will pay off!

Our goal is to provide select athletes and coaches with their favorite Li-Ning badminton rackets, badminton shoes, badminton clothing and badminton bags plus all of our other quality badminton equipment in exchange for their promotional efforts. Sponsored athletes are expected to exclusively wear only Li-Ning badminton products while competing, playing or training. In addition, we ask athletes to submit pictures and news and host badminton racket demonstration days in exchange for Product Rebates. A successful picture and news submission pays $20 and a badminton racket demo day pays a whopping $200. Gold sponsored athletes and coaches benefit from compensation for up to 2 badminton racket demo days per year and up to 4 news submissions per quarter! All added up, if the athlete or coach participates at the maximum level they can earn up to $720 in Product Rebates each year.

Sponsored athletes and coaches are also set up with a special sponsorship account on our eCommerce site where they are able to purchase most of our badminton equipment at special sponsorship prices. What many sponsorship candidates don’t realize is that Product Rebates can be redeemed against the special sponsorship pricing which makes them even more valuable! Many sponsorship applicants believe that if they are an outstanding badminton player they may qualify for one of our badminton sponsorship products. Although this may be true, what we are really looking for is athletes that are very active and outgoing players and are willing to host badminton racket demo days and submit qualifying pictures and news so we can broadcast interesting badminton related messages across our 7 main social media channels including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

We appreciate our athletes that continually wear and use Li-Ning badminton products and badminton equipment while playing and training in their club and or in tournaments but we would like the reach to extend above and beyond the venue and make its way onto peoples computers, tablets and smart phones. Sponsored athletes that are performing at an above average level are granted Li-Ning Certified status at the end of each fiscal year. Our fiscal year ends in July as this is typically when the badminton season winds up in the USA and Canada. Being Li-Ning certified means that a sponsored athlete or coach performed at least 1 badminton racket demo day, submitted a minimum of 4 qualifying pictures and news, maintained a branded Facebook timeline header and always used Li-Ning badminton equipment when competing, playing or training for badminton! Li-Ning certified athletes enjoy extra benefits including automatic sponsorship renewals and additional complimentary Product Rebates on their birthday!

If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Li-Ning USA & Canada sponsorship team you are invited to apply online. You will notice that there are a series of important questions that are designed to help us assess the potential marketing value that you may bring to Li-Ning. At the bottom of the application you will be prompted for a referral name. This is a very important part of the application for us because if we do not know who you are and are not able to verify the details of your application it makes it very difficult for use to approve the application. So remember the sponsorship goes well above and beyond receiving outstanding badminton rackets and other badminton equipment. It’s about belonging to an awesome team of like-minded badminton enthusiasts where you can have fun promoting Li-Ning badminton products while enjoying all of the rewards and benefits that naturally come along the way!

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