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Badminton Racket String Tensions

Q: How often do you need to restring your badminton racket? A: It depends how often do you use your racket and what type of player you are. A quick way to test this out is by putting the racket right under a light to determine if your badminton strings are frayed. If they are, it’s time to restring before they snap while you are in the middle of a playing angame. Q: What string tension shall I select? A: Essentially, it depends on what type of player you are but here are some general guidelines: Beginners: 20-23 lbs Intermediate players: 24-27 lbs Professionals: 28-34 lbs Q: Why is playing with the right string tension important? A: It helps players to optimize performance including power and control. Playing with the correct tension is also crucial in injury prevention as incorrect tension levels could cause arm and/or elbow injuries. The higher the badminton string tension, the higher tendency for the racket to break during a hard hit. Do not exceed the recommended badminton string tension advised by our published specifications. Q: What are the benefits of lower string tension? A: When your racket has a lower badminton string tension, it provides more repulsion power (when swing speeds are low), producing greater power. This is especially true for beginners as it complements the stroke with a more powerful smash. However, the downside of lower string tensions is reduced accuracy due to the softer string bed. Q:What are the benefits of high badminton string tension? A: When your badminton racket has high string tensions, it requires a stronger swing to generate repulsion power from the string bed, hence the need for more wrist and arm strength that is able generate a greater swing speed for a strong smash. However, higher string tension result in more accurate shots due to the firmer string bed which provides a more precise hitting direction. We recommend that players increase their string tensions as they improve their stroke and their game.

Li-Ning #1 Badminton Strings

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