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Badminton Courts for Outdoor Badminton Play

Playing badminton in the current covid environment can be difficult because most badminton courts are either closed or restricted. It will not be until badminton clubs and facilities reopen will it be possible to rent or find a badminton court to play with your friends or train for competition. There are thousands of badminton courts throughout the United States and Canada and once the pandemic is under control, badminton lovers will once again return in droves to play.

As an alternative to renting or playing on a traditional indoor badminton court, many people are setting up a badminton net outdoors where there are no safety concerns or restrictions. It is possible to purchase a portable badminton net, but you may find that these nets are not regulation sized and the posts are not sturdy enough to keep the badminton net tight and at the correct height at the sides and the middle. Although a portable badminton net kit may come in a carrying case for convenient transport to your favorite outdoor badminton court, the trade off is it is tough to build in the right quality and size for players with developed skills and abilities.

If you want to crate the best outdoor badminton court possible, we recommend finding a flat level area that is at least 48 feet long by 24 feet wide. A regulation badminton net is 20 feet wide so it will fit within this space with room to spare. We have found that 8-foot T stakes that are available at your local hardware store, are the best for creating outdoor badminton net posts. You can hammer the stakes into the ground at the 5-foot 1 inch mark and then tightly fasten the net to the stakes with the centre hanging at the 5-foot mark.

Now that the badminton net is correctly installed to make an outstanding badminton court, you can use a baseball line marking machine and chalk to mark the badminton court lines. Although the experience is not the same as an indoor court, it is certainly better than no court at all and can help you get some much-needed exercise while full or partial restrictions are in place. Do not get us wrong, we have a great portable badminton net product in stock and ready for immediate delivery. It's just that if your skills are more developed, you will appreciate setting up your net with stakes. If not, the portable badminton net option is the way to go.


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