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Li-Ning Badminton String

Li-Ning offers three main badminton string models that cater to different badminton player needs. The most durable badminton string model is No. 7, and as the name suggests, it is 0.7 mm thick, making it strong and long-lasting. Players who have not fully developed their swing may hit the shuttlecock at the top, sides or bottom of the string bed. If this happens with enough force, the badminton racket strings can break. Li-Ning No. 7 strings are the thickest and most durable, so if you are still developing your swing, we recommend this model to help prevent the need to restring your racket constantly.

Our most popular badminton string is our No. 5 model. It is 0.69 mm thick and is an excellent blend between durability and repulsion. The thicker the badminton racket string, the less repulsion it has. Think of repulsion like a trampoline. When you jump on the trampoline, it retracts downwards and the springs back up the lift you into the air. Badminton strings are similar, but the thinner the string, the more repulsion they give. Our No. 5 strings can withstand moderate mis-hits and give excellent repulsion making them a popular choice for badminton enthusiasts of all play levels.

If you want the best repulsion power, feel, and gratification of a clean, crisp hitting sound, our No. 1 badminton string will be for you. This string model is only 0.65 mm thick and plays like no other. It is still a very durable string, but if you mishit the shuttlecock on the top, sides or bottom of the string bed, they are more likely to break. Li-Ning badminton strings come in a rainbow of colours so you can coordinate with your racket or badminton ensemble.

String tension is also a main consideration because the tighter you sting, the higher chances they will break. On the low end, a badminton racket strung at 20 lbs will play and feel soft, but if you cannot hit hard, it will suffice. A tension of 24 to 26 lbs is the most common because it gives you a nice blend of control, repulsion and durability. A player with a well-developed swing can benefit from higher string tension because their swing's inertia creates good repulsion power and control. If your swing is soft and you play with a racket strung at 30 lbs, it is a detriment because you will not benefit from repulsion power, and it will feel like playing with a frying pan.

To have the best experience with Li-Ning No 1, No 5 or No 7 strings, have your racket strung on an E5000 badminton stringing machine. This machine is precision-crafted and can string your racket with the most accurate stringing tension. A pre-stretch option that pulls the string slightly beyond the set string tension so that it is closer to the final desired tension when it relaxes. The string tension is controlled electronically, and an automatic tensioner arm gently pulls the string to the exact tension. Li-Ning electronic badminton stringing machines include a 6 point head to keep the racket firmly in place to protect it from damage.

We also offer a manual stringing machine option at a much lower price without electronic features and automation. If you want a solid badminton stringing machine at a price most can afford, this is a viable option. Avid badminton players on the courts 3 to 5 times a week can break many strings, and our manual machine is a great option to have at home. It is convenient, but it will eventually pay for itself, especially if you have a household of players.


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