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Li-Ning Table Tennis Shoes for Professional Play

Enjoying the sport of table tennis in the home is becoming more and more popular and is influenced by the trend of home improvements and cocooning. Professionals tend to call the sport table tennis where more casual players call the game ping pong but no matter what you call it or your play level you can benefit from a good quality pair of table tennis shoes.

The better you become at playing table tennis, the better the table tennis shoes you need. At the beginning your movements are most likely limited but even so, a comfortable and supportive pair of proper shoes will support your arches and help prevent stress and soreness in your joints. But as you become a stronger ping pon

g player, your range of movement will increase and the need for an excellent pair of table tennis shoes will provide the benefits as mentioned above and they will give you a winning edge due to their ability to help you cover the court and return balls.

The best ping pong shoes feature a flat gum sole for the best traction, synthetic uppers that breath, a quality insole and cushioned heel for maximum comfort and adequate stability in the shank for the best of support. Li-Ning table tennis offers a wide range of quality table tennis shoes in both men's and women's models. We also offer varying degrees of performance levels at different price points. If you are looking for training grade table tennis shoes all the way up to Olympic grade shoes we have them all.

Li-Ning is a sponsor of the China National Table Tennis team and supports some of the best table tennis athletes on the planet. Li-Ning has also spent over 30 years focusing on research and development and has created numerous high end table tennis shoe solutions for athletes and customers around the world. Navigate to our online store where you will find a number of ping pong shoe options and all other table tennis equipment and supplies. Li-Ning Table Tennis Superstore is your one stop shop for Li-Ning table tennis shoes, ping pong shoes and much more so if you need purchasing in the USA and Canada help feel free to reach out by email or call us at 855.654.6464!


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