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Become a Dealer in USA & Canada

Business owners that are operating a sporting goods related retail showroom located in the USA or Canada are invited to email for complete dealer information. Please be sure to include the business website address and any photos of the store with your email.


You do not need a storefront to become a Li-Ning Direct Sales Agent. Our Direct Sales Agent program is suitable for entrepreneurs, sports enthusiasts and badminton influencers in the USA and Canada. Our most successful DSA’s own a badminton racket stringing machine (or coordinate restringing services) and are the go to person in their respective club or community for badminton racket restringing services. The successful DSA is able to professionally present Li-Ning badminton rackets and other Li-Ning products to their friends and club mates and therefore make additional income above and beyond the badminton racket restringing service revenue that is typically enjoyed. 


On top of badminton rackets and badminton string sales, DSA’s have full access to the complete line of Li-Ning badminton products at wholesale prices. Other popular Li-Ning products to sell are badminton shuttlecocks and badminton grip tape. These are easy add on sales to badminton racket restringing services and create a constant flow of customer inquiries and badminton equipment sales. Shoes, clothes and bags are available for resale but are more complex to more to sell without a retail store due to the number of sizes, styles and colors that need to be in stock to be successful with these product categories.

Direct sales agents are not permitted to sell any products online including web sites, social media, eBay and Amazon as the program is intended for individuals that interface directly with their local club members and friends. A defined sales territory is granted to ensure that other DSA’s have enough customers to sell products to without having to worry about other DSA’s selling in the same territory. A DSA agreement must be signed prior to being granted the territory and the DSA’s must commit to a minimum of $1000 in opening stock (excluding shuttlecocks) to activate the agreement and to ensure that the DSA has enough inventory on hand to be successful and is fully committed to the program. If you are not currently stringing badminton rackets but would like to and require a badminton stringing machine, we may be able arrange financing with low monthly payments and may be able to include the opening inventory in the monthly payments.

The DSA program is intended to help you generate extra income while enjoying badminton play at your badminton club and with your badminton friends. It’s typically not an opportunity that will provide full time income so please complete our handy online application form with this in mind today. If you have a retail store we have a professional dealership program available which differs significantly from our DSA program. If you have any questions about our exciting DSA program please call us at 855-654-6464 option 4 or email us at

Direct Sales Agent Benefits:

  • Association with one of the world’s fastest growing and highest profile badminton brands with products used by numerous top ranked international badminton players.

  • Listing on the Li-Ning dealer locator to help drive sales and direct leads to market specific Direct Sales Agents.

  • Social media marketing and other digital marketing support with the submission of qualifying news and pictures.

  • Appointment of strategically selected sponsored athletes to help drive awareness for the Li-Ning brand and to refer business directly to the local Direct Sales Agent. 

  • Access to DSA Demo Day Program (Canada Only).

  • Access to fully customized team wear program at wholesale prices.

  • Access to world class badminton products at wholesale prices

  • No set annual minimum purchase requirement.

  • Easy Online Ordering and Inventory Level Communication.

  • Product and stringing machine financing (Canada Only).

Direct Sales Agent Minimum Qualifications:

  • Badminton influencer in their local club and community

  • Offers restringing services or can coordinate restringing services or willing to invest in a Li-Ning Badminton Stringing Machine in order to offer restringing services.

  • Basic knowledge of the sales process.

  • Willing to learn the Li-Ning sales concepts and methodologies.

  • Willing to add Li-Ning logo to Facebook timeline header.

  • Willing to promote and sell Li-Ning products exclusively.

  • Must reside full time in the USA or Canada.

  • Willing to place an opening inventory order valued at $1000 minimum (not including shuttlecocks). 

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