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Table Tennis Paddle Options to up Your Game

No matter if you call it table tennis or ping pong, it is an Olympic sport that requires many skills including stamina, fast reflexes, outstanding hand eye coordination just to name a few. As you learn to play table tennis, you will benefit from owning a quality ping pong paddle and will eventually want to select a blade with your choice of custom rubbers. But before you get to that point, a well-made table tennis paddle or ping pong paddle will serve you well.

A basic box store ping pong paddle is made from basic plywood with a rubber face and is enough to get you started with hitting a ping pong ball back and forth across the net. Once you get the hang of it, you will like the feel and play characteristics of a ping pong paddle made from premium wood with quality rubbers over a layer of sponge. The added control, power and spin will help you gain more points and win or lose, your matches will increase in intensity and become more enjoyable.

Li-Ning makes four distinct ping pong paddles that have slight differences in play characteristics to meet the needs of a variety of play styles and preferences. Our Boost ping pong paddle is made from five layers of plywood that measure 6.5 mm thick. A 1.7 mm sponge with translucent rubbers finish off the Boost ping pong paddle for a well-rounded balanced feel. Our Drive ping pong paddle is made from 7 layers of plywood that measure 7 mm thick. A slightly thicker 1.8 mm sponge with translucent rubbers give the ping pong paddle a stiff and firm feel.

Aggressive players that like to attack will enjoy our Combat ping pong paddles which boast a 6.8 mm plywood core with a 2 mm sponge and translucent rubbers. The traditional shake hand grip is easy to hold and switch back and forth between offence and defense. The Instinct ping pong paddle model is our most popular due to its premium 6.8 mm stained plywood core, 2 mm sponge and premium translucent rubbers. It includes a flared shake hand handle for easy ping pong paddle maneuverability as is an outstanding product for players with quick hands play style.

No matter what Li-Ning ping pong paddle you choose, you can be assured that you are buying legendary quality and your purchase is backed by our 30-day no-nonsense money back guarantee. We also offer protective covers and cases for our quality ping pong paddles to keep it safe and damage free as you move it from club to club or table to table. If you need help choosing any Li-Ning table tennis products we are available to take your call Monday to Friday 10 am until 5 pm EST or use the handy email contact form at the bottom of our website and we will respond to you 7 days per week!


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